Tracking customers practices - with or without Google Analytics

If I recognize appropriately the adhering to (factor & from GA TOS):

  1. PRIVACY. You will certainly not (and also will certainly not permit any kind of 3rd party to) make use of the Service to track or accumulate directly recognizable details of Internet customers, neither will certainly You (or will certainly You permit any kind of 3rd party to) associate any kind of information collected from Your internet site (s) (or such 3rd parties' internet site (s)) with any kind of directly recognizing details from any kind of resource as component of Your usage (or such 3rd parties' usage) of the Service. You will certainly have and also comply with an ideal personal privacy plan and also will follow all relevant regulations connecting to the collection of details from visitors to Your internet sites. You have to upload a personal privacy plan which plan have to give notification of your use a cookie that accumulates confidential website traffic information.

You are not permitted to make use of personalized variables that will certainly recognize the site visitor (as an example internet site username, e - mail, id etc) So the inquiry is just how can I track a details customer practices (as an example the activities that each and every single visited customer do).

2019-05-18 21:38:25
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If you do not call for a Google Analytics remedy after that you can experiment with Piwik - It is obtained comparable capability and also is open - resource so you can do what you such as with it. Nonetheless, you intend to take into consideration the web server load entailed with organizing your very own tracking remedy as it can build up if you get a great deal of website traffic.

2019-05-31 22:26:06

You can write your very own occasion logger.

The most effective means will certainly be to have a URL framework like ...[email protected]&page=homepage&clicked_on=top_banner

Then you can store all that information in a data source. You can invoke these URL is using JavaScript (claim, when a customer clicks a link) or cause them from the backend on web page load.

2019-05-30 18:06:19

Track the customer is IP in a personalized variable and afterwards check your logs.


I stand dealt with - evidently Google considers IP addresses to be personally-identifiable information in this context.

The "no IP details" convention is bothersome and also insincere considered that Google has to have this details to solution demands (and also to give country/region/city and also network carrier information) - evaluating by the connected description, my hunch is that the plan remains in area to compensate Google when individuals make use of the solution to store details which is or might come to be managed.

I intend you get on your very own as Google evidently does not desire you to utilize their solution for this objective - this is an instance where you will certainly need to trust your very own logging energies.

2019-05-21 04:46:38