Prevent xchat from attempting to sign up with networks till I have actually been confirmed

I make use of XChat for IRC. Several of the automated networks I intend to sign up with call for that I be understood solutions. I have actually set xchat to autologin with nickserv when i start up, yet occasionally there is a hold-up, it will certainly attempt to sign up with particular networks (and also fall short), prior to I am confirmed. Exists some means to inform xchat to postpone attempting to sign up with some networks till after I am confirmed?

2019-05-18 21:41:26
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There is/ set irc_join_delay $SECONDS. Default is 2.

Set it to 20 or any kind of excellent number (establish it experimentally), which need to suffice.

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2019-05-21 06:05:07

If we are speaking about freenode (this might relate to others) you can confirm at the very same time as you connect. Simply set the server password as your nick is password and also you'll vehicle - login.

You can make use of nick - group and also various other numerous brains to vehicle - ghost your old customer and also take it back.

Or you can auth getting in touch with any kind of nick by utilizing a somewhat extra obtuse connect string:

/connect 6667 :<username> <password>

In xchat, this suggests you place :<username> <password> right into the server password box.

2019-05-21 05:49:34