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I have a web content type on my drupal website that confidential customers can create. Nonetheless, I do not desire confidential entries to start significant as "Published" - - they require to be accepted prior to being uploaded real-time. What is the most effective means to complete this?

2019-05-18 21:44:22
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You do not require contrib components for this. You can modify the web content type and also set it to be unpublished by default. Just customers with the carry out nodes approval will certainly have the ability to note it as released.

There are a number of components that additionally divided out posting approval from carry out nodes, in instance you intend to permit a person the right to release without providing them complete carry out nodes perms.


2019-12-01 19:28:56

The operations component can be made use of for this objective - - this page has a good overview.

Additionally you could have a look at these components, among which could function well for you:

2019-05-31 20:30:27