Can I allow others upgrade one certain Facebook web page using

I can upgrade my "individual" Facebook web page using Gtalk or Skype making use of

Currently we developed firm is Facebook web page under my Facebook login and also I ask yourself if I can allow others upgrade firm is Facebook web page using Skype or gtalk making use of Ping also. And also certainly do not allow them upload to my "individual" Facebook web page.

2019-05-18 21:50:54
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You will certainly require the login information to your firm is web page. Logout of your individual web page, after that add the facebook network again, with your firm web page is login qualifications. As soon as that is done, create a team having just the firm is facebook web page (instance: allow the team name be fbwork).

To upload to this team prefix #fbwork prior to your standing to make it upload to this web page

2019-05-19 23:27:44