How to compile Vim with GUI?

I intend to find out just how to compile vim from the resources, due to the fact that there are some enhancements that I intend to add, and also find out just how to manage this scenarios, yet previously I really did not have success doing it, I can compile vim, yet without its GUI

I assume it is a dependences trouble, yet I can not identify which plans I need to install, what are the dependences to compile vim with its gui?

I located a write-up concerning how to compile gvim, yet I do not have the plans for install in my ubuntu 10.10 databases, I want to locate some aid with this


2019-05-18 21:53:25
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Generally you can make use of the "construct - dep" command of "proper - get" to bring dependences to a plan. Utilize it similar to this:

sudo proper - get construct - dep [plan name ]

Or even more especially for gvim:

sudo proper - get construct - dep vim - gnome

After that you need to have the ability to compile gvim/vim either without more treatment or with just tiny set of dependences to settle called for by a more recent variation of gvim/vim that you are compiling.

As Marius kept in mind one such dependence resolution is mounting libssl - dev by hand:

sudo proper - get install libssl - dev


2019-05-21 05:16:21