How do I relabel a placed Truecrypt quantity?

When I place the Truecrypt documents on my USB drive it turns up as truecrypt1.

The quantity is FAT, making use of mtools to relabel a quantity tag entails e2label /dev/sdbx, nonetheless truecrypt1 does not map to a physical dividing. fdisk -l does disappoint the quantity dividing (just the physical USB tool), and also df -h details the quantity course as /dev/mapper/truecrypt1.

Ultimately, making use of the Nautilus 'Rename' context activity, offers the mistake: "Sorry, can not relabel "truecrypt1" to "towel": Operation not sustained by backend".

Evidently this can be done in Win, yet just how can I relabel this quantity in Ubuntu?

As Nicolas claimed, defining the place factor names the dividing the very same. The truecrypt GUI does not bear in mind the place factor I set, so I define the place factors in a manuscript which I positioned in my major food selection.

gksudo truecrypt /media/usbdrive/encryptedfile /media/securedata/
2019-05-18 21:55:32
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You require to create a place factor in order to do what you desire. If I desire my truecrypt1 quantity to turn up as "Private", I'll create a "Private" mountpoint with sudo mkdir /media/Private Then launch Truecrypt, select my encrypted drive and also when I click "Mount" I'm requested for my password and also I can click "Option" to select my personalized place factor. VoilĂ , it is done.

2019-12-01 19:08:43