How do I select unread messages in Gmail without needing to click the arrowhead alongside the checkbox and afterwards click unread?

A great deal of the moment the unread messages in my Inbox simply require to be archived and also I would certainly instead have a 'fast' means to do it that does not call for striking that tiny arrowhead alongside the master checkbox and afterwards call for relocating my computer mouse to 'Unread'. Exists an additional means to select unread messages that simply calls for one click or a key-board faster way?

2019-05-18 21:56:45
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From Gmail Keyboard shortcuts help:

* after that u

One method I've lately identified is if you first collapse your "Important and also Unread" area (by clicking it), THEN do the *u, it will certainly leave your vital messages uncontrolled. Before this I was unchecking all my Important/Unread messages prior to archiving.

2019-05-21 05:11:34