How can I onward traffic from my openly readily available web server to a computer system that is not openly readily available?

My pc lags an ISP - degree NAT which does not permit me to host video game web servers therefore.

I have a VPS which I make use of as an internet server. I intend to organize a video game web server of Minecraft, yet the VPS isn't effective sufficient.

Both my computer system and also my VPS are running Linux. My computer system can connect to my web server, yet the web server can closed links to my pc.

What I would love to attain is this:

  • Some customer attaches to port 27015on my web server.
  • The web server after that forwards all website traffic from port 27015on the web server to port 27015on my pc using some link that I opened up with my pc.

Can ssh do this? I recognize it can do the opposite. Exists a few other program that does this otherwise?

2019-05-18 21:58:49
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You can possibly additionally do this with netcat, as a choice.

Netcat deserves having about. You can do all sort of intriguing points with it.

2019-05-21 08:16:25

Short solution: yes, ssh can do this. The solution remains in your inquiry: "turn around" tunneling. See the - R alternative to the ssh customer:

- R [bind_address: ] port: host: hostport
Specifies that the offered port on the remote (web server) host is to be sent to the offered host and also port on the neighborhood side. This functions by alloting an outlet to pay attention to port on the remote side, and also whenever a link is made to this port, the link is sent over the safe and secure network, and also a link is made to host port hostport from the neighborhood equipment.

Even more analysis at the ever before - valuable How To Forge (Reverse SSH Tunneling), yet the standard concept is you ssh from your exclusive host to your public one, defining the port to map back. Bear in mind to set your bind address in the command, or else it will just be bound to the neighborhood loop by default.

2019-05-21 05:15:09