1TB SATA HDrive on Marvell Adapter goes away after 10.10 upgrade - Why?

Many thanks for putting in the time.

I have a trouble I've never ever had after an upgrade. Among my disk drive, a 1TB NTFS drive gotten in touch with the marvell SATA adapter (88sx or smth like that) to my Asus P5Q - E motherboard is not seen, and also consequently unmountable in Ubuntu.

The trouble isn't with the drive or various other equipment, due to the fact that home windows 7 sees it great (in twin boot). Plus it functioned simply great prior to I updated. Therefore for virtually a year.

The trouble isn't with NTFS libs, due to the fact that Ubuntu sees the win7 NTFS dividing simply great.

So I can just presume that the trouble is with ubuntu. Due to the fact that the 10.10 real-time CD does not see it iether. The 10.04 LiveCD, nonetheless, does see it and also places the drive, which suggests it actually is 10.10 is trouble. What should I do? Devaluing left out: -)! See photos for evidence.

I've attempted upgrading grub (a person recommended it could function ...), mounting all the ntfs libs, including it to fstab (as it was in the past, in 10.04 _ rt, ... yet all that fell short. Grub upgrade not did anything, niether did the ntfs collections. The fstab edit simply created the boot time to take hrs, and also return with mistakes claiming it could not place the drive, yet not actually claiming why.

Any kind of suggestion for settling my bug? Many thanks.

2019-05-18 22:00:14
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Think it is Linux kernel trouble.

Have a Asus P5Q Premium with SIL5723 and also I presume Marvell vehicle drivers (61xx/ 88se6121). Every little thing was functioning wonderful when running 10.04. After mounting 10.10 Ubuntu would certainly not acknowledge disks on the SIL5723. I have component of a Raid 6 on these adapters. ICH10 disks no worry.

Running old rescueCD revealed Raid was alright. Additionally acknowledged by BIOS and also see disks when beginning the COMPUTER. With Ubuntu Live CD 10.10 very same trouble. Raid nonetheless not damaged as Raid not placed.

Begun 10.10 today with kernel 2.6.32 and also raid placed and also functioning excellent. Presume 2.6.32 is lengthy term secure release. Nonetheless with this kernel I'm unable to run Gparted and also there could be various other troubles too. Presume 2.6.32 was readily available as updated and also did refrain a fresh install.

Looks this is a Linux kernel (2.6.35) trouble. I'm unable to locate Marvell vehicle drivers to install. Not eager on returning to 10.04 either.

Per Arne

2019-06-01 06:40:52

see over comment re. screening with sudo fdisk - l.

Also, I'm no specialist below, yet I recognize that each system tool has some type of system bus moms and dad tool that need to be identified by your motherboard. With PCI tools, if you type lspci -v -t it will certainly offer you a "tree sight" layout result of all pci tools, with moms and dads. As an example, my ethernet card and also cordless card are detailed under moms and dad of the motherboard Ethernet controller. I do not recognize if SATA tools drop under this group, yet I assume a sudo lshw needs to cover disk drives and also SATA tools. Do so and also see if your tool is detailed.

This is not a solution yet with any luck might aid lead you to one.

2019-05-21 04:31:13