Why do not Google Sheets charts outlined my factors correcty?

When I attempt to make a straightforward chart of some factors in a Google Sheets claimed factors do not wind up where I desire them to in the chart. Making use of information similar to this I anticipate a straight line in my chart:

col A   col B
 1      0.5
 3      1.5
10        5

Instead the factors are outlined as if the information was in fact:

col A   col B
1       0.5
2       1.5
3         5

To be reasonable I have actually examined "Use column A as tags". Yet if I do not examine that box I get 2 lines, neither a straight line.

Just how do I inform Google Sheets to make use of column A as x values and also column B as y values for my chart?

2019-05-18 22:00:46
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Answers: 1

To get the wanted outcome modify your graph and also transform the type to Scatter and also uncheck the Use column A as labels.

2019-05-21 07:17:37