Default File Permissions - Ubuntu & VSFTPD

I have a web server arrangement with Ubuntu, Apache2 and also VSFTPD. We digital host numerous websites on this equipment. Commonly, I make use of the very same procedure to set up the new websites, yet the default permissions for some are various than the others.

For some websites, I can post new documents and also directory sites via FTP and also they receive 644 and also 755 permissions specifically. Simply just how I desire them by default.

For various other websites, they receive 0 or 600 as the default new documents approval. I need to by hand transform each documents to 644. This is slow-moving and also a discomfort to do.

I've examined the permissions and also the possession and also all of it appears to be the very same. What am I missing out on?

2019-05-18 22:01:52
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What you are possibly seeking is the "umask" parameter. If you are posting files via vsftpd, the practices relies on the means vsftpd is set up. If it is set up to make use of system customers, you have to change the "local_umask" vsftpd parameter in the arrangement documents from the default 077 value to 022.

Do not neglect to uncomment the line, also, and also reactivate the vsftpd daemon.

2019-05-21 07:29:15