Odd practices saw with Gmail on various internet browsers

So I have my Gmail account open on 2 various internet browsers on the very same computer system (Chrome and also Firefox). Currently I was making use of the bulge conversation attribute of Google Talk ingrained in the website of my Chrome browser.

If I close the conversation box inside Firefox (which I did not bulge), the conversation window which I had actually bulged of my Chrome browser shuts also!

Why is this taking place? (I am making use of a Ubuntu 10.04 working on a MackBook)

2019-05-18 22:02:43
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If GTalk functions the like Live Messenger, when you close a discussion in one area, it shuts it almost everywhere. Do you observe the very same actions if you attempt it the various other means, and also close the discussion from chrome while Firefox additionally has the discussion open?

2019-05-19 23:49:24