Laying out days in Google Sheets charts

I have a Google Sheets with dimensions made at various days. The information resembles this:

2010-09-01 80
2010-09-02 79
2010-09-10 81

I desire the factors that compose the information to be outlined to make sure that the first day goes to x0, 2nd day at x0 + 1 and also the 3rd day at x0 + 9. Until now I have actually just had the ability to generate charts where the first day goes to x0, the 2nd at x0 + 1 and also the 3rd at x0 + 2.

Just how can I make a graph with the days spread out along the x axis effectively?

2019-05-18 22:03:54
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Answers: 2

It appears that this is feasible to do in a Google spread sheet currently.

If I enter the information from my inquiry, highlight it and also select insert graph from the food selection, Google Spreadsheet will certainly greate a fad chart with the factors outlined appropriately.

2019-12-01 20:12:27

It resembles it is still not yet feasible with Google spread sheets.

Consider the string on google is assistance discussion forum for pointers and also updates

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2019-05-21 06:27:47