Getting Youtube and also Gmail to function under 2 various accounts

I vouch that I had the ability to authorize right into a different Youtube account (x and also Gmail (p the other day. I recognize this due to the fact that I frequently examine gmail and also youtube (where I never ever actually authorize out/ never ever actually bear in mind authorizing out).

As a result of the solution adjustments months back with the entire

  • Can not transform username
  • Can not unlink accounts

I assumed my remedy by authorizing with my personalized (i.e. college) address would certainly address the method and also it for some time. Currently today I can not come back this method.

This inquiry is not concerning connecting. This inquiry has to do with obtaining a youtube account (I recognize I can do this with youtube account pre google procurement) and also a gmail session going for the very same time under various usernames.

Solutions I am not seeking

  • Use 2 various internet browsers/ home windows
  • Just do not authorize right into youtube (I have registrations that I adhere to very closely)
2019-05-18 22:05:24
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The ideal remedy is to make use of the stealth setting of your internet browser of selection (E.g. Internet Explorer is InPrivate or Chrome is Incognito setting). In this way one stealth window can access one solution with one account while the various other makes use of the 2nd solution with the 2nd account.

PS: This would certainly function despite having both windows accessing the very same solution, i.e. you can be logged right into 2 gmail accounts at the very same time.

2019-05-19 09:30:07

If you make use of firefox, you can additionally install the ProfileSwitcher (1) add - on for firefox.

It permits my better half and also I to utilize our 2 various FireFox customer accounts at the very same time, without the demand for the existing customer of the COMPUTER to turn off. And also you can have greater than 2 accounts!

2019-05-19 09:24:08