Output of the "last" command

Can any person clarify me what is the definition of the last column of the result of the last command? I'm specifically curious about its definition relative to the reboot pseudo - customer.

reboot   system boot  2.6.32-28-generi Sat Feb 12 08:31 - 18:09 (9+09:37)   

What does that 9+09:37 suggest?

2019-05-18 22:05:57
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reboot and also shutdown are quasi - customers for system reboot and also closure, specifically. That is the device for logging that details, with bit variations to very same area, without developing any kind of unique layouts for the wtmp binary documents.

Price estimate from man wtmp:

The wtmp documents documents all logins and also logouts. Its layout is specifically like utmp other than that a null username shows a logout on the affiliated terminal. In addition, the incurable name ~ with username shutdown or reboot shows a system closure or reboot and also both of incurable names | / } logs the old/new system time when date(1) transforms it.

wtmp binary documents do not conserve apart from timestamp for occasions. As an example, last computes added points, such as login times.

reboot   system boot  2.6.32-28-generi Mon Feb 21 17:02 - 18:09  (01:07)    
user     pts/0        :0.0             Sat Feb 12 18:52 - 18:52  (00:00)    
user     tty7         :0               Sat Feb 12 18:52 - 20:53  (02:01)    
reboot   system boot  2.6.32-28-generi Sat Feb 12 08:31 - 18:09 (9+09:37)   

The last column (in parentheses) is the size of occasion. For the customer reboot, it is uptime.

After the most up to date reboot, time is existing uptime. For earlier reboots, time is uptime afterwards reboot (so in the last line of my instance it is uptime till the first line ; there were no reboots in between). Number (s) prior to+suggests variety of days. In the last line, it is 9 days, 9 hrs and also 37 mins, and also in the first line existing uptime is 1 hr and also 7 mins.

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that this moment is not constantly exact-- as an example, after a system crash and also uncommon reactivate series. last computes it as the time in between it and also next reboot/shutdown.

2019-05-21 05:27:02