Add documents to an iso photo and also vehicle run a manuscript blog post installation

I would certainly such as to add a tar archive in the typical Red Hat installation CD photo and also untar the very same at a wanted area making use of some blog post install manuscripts.

  1. Just how do I add the tar in the iso photo.
  2. Where need to I position the manuscript.
  3. Just how to link the manuscript to make sure that it is implemented at the end of the installation procedure.
2019-05-18 22:07:07
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While it is feasible to restore a Red Hat CD ISO photo, you could gain from making use of the Kickstart mechanism readily available on existing Red Hat CDs/DVDs.

This is just how I do something really comparable to what you are asking. Merely create a kickstart and also add a %blog post area that does whatever you are intending to do. You'll require to locate a means to replicate over the tar documents, either by placing an NFS share or making use of 'wget' to download and install from an HTTP web server.

2019-05-21 07:07:01