Removing Fedora 13 and also mounting ubuntu 10.10

I have actually made use of 10.04 for some time making use of the wubi installation with Windows XP.

I after that uninstalled it and also offered Fedora 13 a shot (by itself dividings).

Currently I would love to entirely remove Fedora and also install ubuntu 10.10 (not making use of the wubi, yet the actual point this moment), so I will certainly have a dual boot with my XP.

What is the most effective means to do that?

The only caution is that I do not have the XP CD in hand (I recognize it is required occasionally to run fixmbr from recuperation console to remove grub). I can request for the CD from our admin yet it would certainly take a number of days.

2019-05-18 22:07:32
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You can install Ubuntu right into the dividing that is presently fedora either with a CD, or with a usb stick. You can download and install the essential iso from The Ubuntu help wiki has even more details just how to install twin - boot

To deal with the MBR you can make use of energies independent from the XP CD is simply among the instances.

2019-05-21 05:32:23