Which Polar heart price displays can upload information to Microsoft HealthVault, and also just how is that upload completed?

The HealthVault website claims it sustains IR posting of information, yet the Polar internet site just speaks about some "FlowLink" user interface of theirs. Are these the very same point?

If so, just what requires to be mounted and also set up in order to complete the information upload to HealthVault? The Polar internet site just speaks about posting to their exclusive internet site, and also the HealthVault website is light on information.

2019-05-18 22:09:20
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If it is an IR watch and also you are aiming to store the health and fitness information to your HealthVault account, please download and install the drivers from the HealthVault website and also install on a 32 - little bit COMPUTER. You require an IR adapter to connect to COMPUTER and also upload making use of HealthVault Connection Center [ http://www.healthvault.com/personal/devices-overview.aspx ]

If your watch collaborates with FlowLink, you require the FlowLink adapter to connect to COMPUTER and also upload the information. HealthVault drivers for Flowlink tools are still underway and also will certainly be readily available public soon.

As I recognize, both these sorts of tools collaborates with Polar websync software program - yet the information is not sync had actually to HealthVault.

Hope this aids.

2019-05-19 22:39:50