Mobile internet site creating duplicate content concern on Google - just how do we repair it?

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What is duplicate content and how can I avoid being penalized for it on my site?

My internet site exists at www.<site>.com for desktop computer internet browsers and also m.<site>.com for mobile internet browsers. We are currently seeing that for some Google searches, our mobile website outranks our major internet site ; it does not appear to matter if the search is done from a desktop computer COMPUTER or a cellphone.

In addition to that not being the wanted actions, we are worried that Google is seeing our mobile website as duplicate content of our major website.

Now we are taking into consideration a straight-out block of Google is spider on the mobile website (using robots.txt). Is that the most effective strategy? Exists a means to make our mobile website show up for mobile search, our major website to turn up on desktop computer search, and also stay clear of the here and now complication?

Many thanks!

- James

2019-05-18 22:12:00
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Google allows you define that variation of a web page is the approved one, and also is the one that need to be taken into consideration by their algorithm. That need to stay clear of duplicate content troubles, yet it will not make the mobile website turn up for mobile search - - you are possibly best to set up reroutes based upon the customer representative (yet allow individuals pull out and also see the major website on their phone if they desire).

Guidelines below:

2019-05-21 05:42:02