Transitioning Blogger to new Google Apps

I simply transitioned to the new Google Apps which allow is you make use of added solutions such as blogger with your Google Apps account.

I had a contrasting Google Account. Google said that when I try to login to a solution which made use of that contrasting account, I would certainly exist with a user interface that supplies 3 selections: relocate my old information to a gmail account, relocate my information to a 3rd event account, or make use of a short-lived gmail account.

When I tried to login to my Blogger, it really did not offer any one of those alternatives. It simply allow me create an all new account as if I really did not have a Blogger in all. It is as if all my information is gone. I can no more login utilizing my old account.

Just how can I access my old blogger setups to make sure that I can move it to my new account?

2019-05-18 22:14:05
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Alright, so the e-mail informs you to turn off and afterwards visit to your Google Apps account. When you do this, you are presently visited as your Google Apps account which turns up also when you most likely to Google web pages such as

In order to exist with this user interface, you require to log out of your Google Apps account by pushing turn off, after that most likely to a web page that allow is you login to a Google account such as Next, login utilizing your old qualifications, which will certainly log you in to your old Google Account , and also existing to you the transfer alternatives.

When I attempted utilizing their user interface, it took me to a web page that claims "The web page you asked for is void.", and also had the "check in" link on the leading right. Pushing that revealed a short-lived address with the "%" in it. Trying to login really did not function. I needed to clear my cache and afterwards login once more.

2019-05-21 05:43:25