How to do a straightforward set procedure in Google docs spread sheet?

Intend I have some names in cells B1: B3, and also a complete checklist of all the names in A1: A4, is it feasible for me to create a checklist of names in A1: A4 that do not show up in B1: B3?

E.g. Cells A1: A4 have "A", "B", "C", "D", if B1: B3 have "A", "C", "D", after that I intend to get "B".

I browsed the function list yet could not identify just how to do it.

Update : With Lance is aid, the formula I thought of was:

FILTER(A1:A4, A1:A4<>B1, A1:A4<>B2, A1:A4<>B3)

This offers the appropriate outcome, nonetheless I still have a concern. The trouble is that my cells B1: Bx can expand. I'm taking care of a sporting activity group and also making use of a Google Docs kind for individuals to send, they select their name from a picklist and also pick a radio switch "Yes" (I can play), or "No" (I'm out). What I intend to attain below is to present in my spread sheet those individuals that have not reacted. The objective is to upgrade this checklist instantly after each new entry. However when new rows are completed the spread sheet, the formula would certainly be messed up. I'm not exactly sure if there is a remedy for this.

Update 2 : I located a job about. I replicated the cells from B1: Bx to an additional area C1: Cx first, after that made use of the above formula yet versus C1: Cx. Currently also B1: Bx expands, the formula is still legitimate.

2019-05-18 22:15:22
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WOW, I was going to get you a specific remedy, Google Docs is so irritating. Manuscript - loop City.

You can do this with the FILTER worksheet function, with your arrayCondition_1 being a formula of features that offers a real value for each and every line that isn't ripped off. I had the ability to see that the MATCH function could not be made use of.

2019-05-19 09:50:29