How can I recognize if my computer has the appropriate drivers?

I'm new to linux, I obtained myself an Ubuntu 10.04

I assume that the audio drivers aren't functioning well, given that the sound is not like prior to (on windows). I additionally assume the visuals drivers aren't functioning well, given that the computer ices up after ubuntu login, if I set the "aesthetic results" on anything greater than "none".

I have a 945gct - m2 motherboard with the constructed - in visuals card and also audio card.

Just how do I recognize if i have the appropriate drivers, or examine if the equipment is functioning appropriately?

PS: bear in mind that I'm new to ubuntu so I do not have all the expertise called for.

2019-05-18 22:16:33
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Generally talking Intel drivers Just Work out of package. Below are some points you can do to aid detect the trouble. In System -> Administration -> System Testing you can run the equipment tester:

From this food selection you can run simply the examination you require for video clip (or you can run them all and also send them, which would certainly send your equipment details)

The Ubuntu X group has an entire set of pages on just how to debug your trouble, it seems like the web page for Intel Performance Problems could be an excellent area to start.

2019-05-21 10:38:50

Go to System/Administration/Additional Drivers, if absolutely nothing shows up, you are making use of the existing "ideal" vehicle driver, if something show up, you possibly have restricted/closedsource choice (developed by suppliers)

2019-05-21 01:11:57