Which are the needs of datacenter network for Network Load Balancing to function?

I have 2 rented out committed web servers and also I would love to place them on load well balanced collection set up on Windows 2008 Network Load Balancing.

Given that the web servers where acquired on various times, they have various network setups and also connect to various portals.

What is the needs to place them on a collection? Place them on the very same VLAN will suffice? And also what concerning the network setups, do they require to be attaching to the very same portal?

2019-05-18 22:17:14
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The 2 nodes require to share one IP and also will certainly broadcast/flood your button with ARP messages of your digital MAC address for your collection IP. Ideal would certainly be if your button sustained multicast teams to have the website traffic created by the ARP packages. So they require to be in the very same vlan and also subnet.

additionally it' s excellent technique to have an alternative course for examining system standing (2nd networkadapter in both nodes) of the clusternodes

2019-12-04 08:04:31

All you actually require to do is create a 3rd IP address for the collection and also create a coordinating DNS access for it, I'm rather certain that they do require to be in the very same subnet and also aiming at the very same portal. There is a number of correct write-ups on Technet yet it is also bright outside for me to read them okay currently

2019-05-21 06:59:43