Reorganise index vs Rebuild Index in Sql Server Maintenance plan

In the SSW regulations to far better SQL Server Database there is an instance of a complete database maintenance plan: SSW. In the instance they run both a Reorganize Index and afterwards a Rebuild Index and afterwards Update Statistics. Exists any kind of indicate this? I assumed Reorganize Index was a rapid yet much less reliable variation of Rebuild Index? which an index rebuild would certainly additionally upgrade the data instantly (on the gathered index at the very least).

2019-05-18 22:19:39
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The reorganize and also rebuild are various points.

Reorganize: it is a defrag for indexes. Takes the existing index (es) and also defragments the existing web pages. Nonetheless if the web pages are not in an adjoining fashion, they remains like in the past. Just the web content of the web pages are transforming.

Rebuild: in fact it goes down the index and also restores it from square one. It suggests that you will certainly get an entirely new index, with defragmented and also adjoining web pages.

In addition with rebuild you can transform dividing or documents teams, yet with reorganize you can defrag not just the entire index, yet additionally just one dividing of the index.

The upgrade data is automated on gathered indexes, yet out the non - gathered ones.

2019-05-21 06:00:37

Exactly what Biri claimed. Below is just how I would certainly reindex an entire data source:

EXEC [sp_MSforeachtable] @command1="RAISERROR('DBCC DBREINDEX(''?'') ...',10,1) WITH NOWAIT DBCC DBREINDEX('?')"
2019-05-19 10:09:49