In Gmail, just how do I set the default email address for a call that has 2 email addresses?

When I enter the individual is name in the To area, the vehicle - full shows up, and also details the numerous email addresses that I have for he or she. The first email address that it details, is not the one that I intend to email.

In the call access for this customer, I have the email address I intend to make use of as the leading one. I think this made use of to operate in gmail, yet does not any longer.

Exists a means to set the default email address for an individual?

2019-05-18 22:20:25
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The e-mail address in the first placement of the call is setups is made use of to determine which of your call is images to present. He/she has to have set it for show and tell in gmail is setups for this to function.

The e-mail address that is revealed ahead for vehicle - full is one of the most spoken to address, regarding I recognize.

2019-05-19 08:52:49