Can I make use of JavaScript to create a customer side email?

I intend to create a customer side mail maker website. I recognize the troubles of making use of the mailto activity in an html kind (not typical, no default mail appication set on the customer). Yet the website isn't really vital, and also they uncommitted significantly.

The mail developed by the mailto activity has the syntax:

topic: undefined subject

param1 = value1
param2 = value2
paramn = valuen

Can I make use of JavaScript to layout the mail similar to this?

Topic: XXXXX

Body: Value1 ;Value2 ;Value3 ... ValueN

2019-05-18 22:20:45
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Is there a factor you can not simply send the information to a web page which takes care of sending out the mail? It is rather very easy to send an email in the majority of languages, so unless there is a solid factor to push it to customer side, I would certainly advise that course.

2019-05-21 06:08:45

With javascript alone, it is not feasible .
. Javascript is not planned to do such points and also is drastically maimed in the means it can connect with anything apart from the webbrowser it stays in, (forever factor!).

Think of it: a spammer creating an internet site with customer side javascript which will instantly send by mail to hundreds of arbitrary email addresses. If individuals need to most likely to that website they would certainly all be joining a dispersed mass mailing rip-off, with their very own computer system ... no infection or customer communication required!

2019-05-19 10:18:24

You essentially just have 2 choices when sending out mail using the internet browser.

  1. make a web page that takes customer input, and also permits them to send the mail using your internet - web server. You require some sort of web server - side scripting for this.
  2. make use of a mailto: link to cause opening of the customers signed up mail customer. This has the noticeable challenges you stated, and also is much less adaptable. It requires much less job however.
2019-05-19 10:06:42

What we made use of in a projet is a popup window that opens up a mailto: link, it is the only means we located to compose a mail within the default mail customer that collaborates with all mail customers (at the very least all our customers made use of).

var addresses = "";//between the speech mark goes the receptient. Seperate addresses with a ;
var body = ""//write the message text between the speech marks or put a variable in the place of the speech marks
var subject = ""//between the speech marks goes the subject of the message
var href = "mailto:" + addresses + "?"
         + "subject=" + subject + "&"
         + "body=" + body;
var wndMail;
wndMail =, "_blank", "scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=10,height=10");
2019-05-19 09:14:40