Adding a non Google Apps account to a Google Apps Google Voice account

I have Google Apps Standard version. I updated the domain name to make sure that customer is account are additionally Google Accounts. I have among those accounts set up with Google Voice. I would love to enable the forwarding to email attribute, yet have it onward to a various account (not @mydomain).

When I attempt to "Add a new email address" (Voice Settings > Voicemail & Text), I get the adhering to message:

Google can not transform individual details for customer

To transform the details, call your manager.

If I expand the fall and also consider the addresses that I can onward it to, I see that these are all the pen names I have actually set up for my account in the domain name setups. I can not add a non @domain name pen names though. Including this address in Gmail as Send As address, Forwarding address, or a POP3 address does not add it to this checklist. I saw that there is additionally an - google - address, which I think is made use of as a temperature make up Google App Engine. If there was a means to add an additional account similar to this, where I pick the domain, this would certainly settle the concern.

If I most likely to my Google Account web page, I see a checklist of Email addresses, which is specifically what turns up in the fall box. There does not appear to be a means to add an additional address to this checklist. If there was a means, my concern would possibly be settled.

Picking a pen name and afterwards developing a forwarding regulation in the email account does not function, given that the email has to originate from the very same address it was sent out to. Or else, you get a "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" message. I'm making use of a personalized application to accessibility this email, so I can not access an additional account (i.e. I have to have the ability to send an email to customer, not customer, and also I can not send as an additional account (i.e. Google Voice have to be set up to send the mail to the specific address I will certainly be sending out from, customer

I had the ability to do this faultlessly with Gmail by including an additional account, yet Google Apps is being extremely limiting in not permitting me to add a non address which Google Voice can onward to.

Exists any kind of means to associate an additional email address with my Google Account or exists any kind of workaround to get Google Voice collaborating with an additional email address?

2019-05-18 22:22:28
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Google Voice accounts CAN be moved to non - gmail based Google accounts.

Utilize this link: (this kind is described on an official Google support page).

Despite the fact that it claims there that it will certainly not collaborate with a Google Apps account, it will certainly function if youve moved your Apps accounts right into the basic system. I did it, and also if you do it, make a note claiming that the account movement had actually been done. They moved it over simply penalty. Took concerning 2 days for me.

2019-05-22 21:48:07