Can various other concern kinds be included in BitBucket?

I lately began considering BitBucket once more due to the fact that they currently have endless exclusive databases (which I enjoy!). Nonetheless, there is another point that is troubling me prior to I start utilizing it purely. When you most likely to create a new concern, there is a dropdown box there for "type", which has "bug", "improvement", and also "proposition".

Exists anyhow to add new "kinds" to this dropdown checklist? As an example, "assistance", "upkeep" etcIt would certainly be outstanding if this was extra personalized, or at the very least it if it had extra default alternatives.

2019-05-18 22:25:57
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Right currently you can not. Jesper has actually been speaking about including assistance for that on the newsletter. With any luck, recognize that Atlassian acquired them, they will certainly have time to add new attributes as opposed to server upkeep.

2019-05-21 06:36:35