Integrate Google Apps with WordPress

I have actually a domain name regulated with Google Apps. Currently I desire to be a WordPress blog site.

Just how do I do that?

2019-05-18 22:26:15
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I assume you have 2 alternatives both of which need you to make use of Google - applications support for mapping your domain to a google appengine application.

You can make use of Google Appengine to run Wordpress (it is a little an innovative strategy) with your Google - applications and also assign to your google appengine application.

This blog site defines the alterations you require to make to wordpress to work on Google is Datastore and also to run PHP via the Java runtime:

Quercus on Google App Engine

You can see it running as Java Google Appengine application:

Ever given that Google App Engine (GAE) sustained Java, it has actually opened up a variety of various other languages that GAE indirectly and also unofficially sustains. PHP is just one of them via Quercus, our 100% Java tidy - area execution of the PHP language.

I ready to obtain understanding on this intriguing inquiry by obtaining Wordpress working on GAE. Given that Wordpress currently works on Resin with Quercus, all I required to do was transform the MySQL questions to rather make use of the App Engine's part of JPA. Ultimately, it took around a week of uneventful job to get sufficient of Wordpress running so we can demo it at Google I/O. at Google I/O.

An additional choice could be to make use of Google Appengine as a reverse proxy, matching your wordpress organized website (Google appengine would certainly permit you to take care of substantial rises in website traffic and also features massive free allocations).

  • bs2grproxy - A tiny application works on Google App Engine as a reverse proxy to a details website, entirely clear to customers
2019-05-21 07:14:34

I have my mail, schedule etc in Google Apps, yet I keep the DNS from outside this (I really did not recognize you can do it otherwise).

So I have:

  • - indicate google mail
  • - indicate google calendar
  • - indicate my blog site - for me this is Wordpress organized on a web server I carry out, yet it can aim at an organized (as a Premium Feature) or another thing certainly.
2019-05-21 07:10:19