Network starting remedy

I'm seeking ideally free/open resource remedy for starting from network. What I require to do is:

  • Have a boot supervisor check defined folder on a web server.
  • If there is a documents called f.e.: "image.img", after that the supervisor will certainly boot from it. The photo has a disk cloning device which will certainly back - up/restore the disk drive.
  • If the documents does not exist, boot from disk drive.

What I'm attempting to attain is that the only point I require to do in order to run the disk cloning software program is to place a documents right into an unique folder on the web server. I need to take care of 50 computer systems in a net coffee shop, and also running the disk cloning device from a thumb drive is an actual discomfort.

I was thinking of a light-weight linux circulation, yet my expertise is really restricted when it involves linux.

2019-05-18 22:26:30
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If you are seeking a device that aids you conveniently construct a boot setting you might intend to consider the Linux incurable web server task (LTSP). While this device is usually focused on constructing a boot setting for permitting slim - customers to connect to incurable web server of some type, it is rather very easy to change the setting to complete various other points too.

It might be less complicated to start below after that attempting to construct a PXELINUX arrangement from square one by yourself.

2019-05-21 08:51:22

I attempted something similar to this a long period of time earlier, yet my expertise after that was really minimal and also I could not get it to function. I assume there are numerous network boot supervisors, yet what I attempted was PXELINUX.

Below is an excellent overview on just how to configure PXELINUX for network booting.

And also below is even more details on numerous tools for network booting that you could locate valuable.

If you make it function, it would certainly behave if you share it with us, as it is a really valuable strategy, IMHO.

2019-05-21 07:06:51

Sounds like you are following a typical PXE - boot system, see HERE for information

2019-05-21 07:04:06

I concur with the PXE - boot pointer, yet additionally look into GPXE if you have suitable NICs. It will certainly permit added config alternatives such as HTTP or iSCSI.

2019-05-21 06:46:49