Google opens up new windows

In Google, whenever you click those web links in addition to each Google web page (Ex-spouse Mail, Calendar, Docs, etc the faster ways) it opens up every little thing in a new tab/window.

Exists any kind of means to make Google open them in the very same window?

2019-05-18 22:28:15
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I think you are speaking about the search setups in google. Under search setups: "Open search engine result in a new internet browser window" I favor this setup for lengthy checklists.

2019-06-01 12:49:07

So, in Google Docs, there is a readying to make docs open in the very same window/tab.

Nonetheless, the various other Google web pages, you can not actually stop them from opening up new tabs/windows. One method, nonetheless, is as opposed to clicking the link to the web page you desire, drag the link to the address bar of your browser. It is not really classy, yet it maintains the web page you are asking for in the very same tab/window.

Additionally, if you are Firefox savvy, you can transform among the config settings to compel web pages that intend to open new tabs/windows to open the link in the existing tab/window. You require to transform the value for to '1' in about:config.

2019-05-21 06:39:43