Cross internet browser, go across system book mark sync?

Since xmarks is shutting (See blog site: ), I am seeking a book mark sync remedy that has the adhering to attributes:

  • " Secure", i.e. unapproved customers need to not have accessibility to my bookmarks
  • Works throughout numerous browsres (Firefox, IE, Chrome without a doubt ; Safari and also others optional)
  • Works Across numerous systems (Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux ; Optionally, android/iphone)

I recognize the adhering to remedies, yet they each have constraints:

  • Firefox Sync: Does not collaborate with IE/Chrome
  • Chrome Bookmark Sync: Does not collaborate with IE/Firefox
  • Zinkmo: Claims to collaborate with IE and also Firefox, yet I locate really couple of customers utilizing it. Any person utilizing it below?
  • Windows Live Essentials: Does not collaborate with Chrome/Firefox

Yes, I realize I can setup my own private xmarks server, yet I do not desire the frustration of needing to keep my very own web server.

This inquiry practically belongs in both (due to the fact that it is software program that works on your COMPUTER) along with (due to the fact that the backend is a webapp), and also I picked to upload it below due to the fact that I assume this is actually a far better fit.

2019-05-18 22:28:32
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Have you ever before made use of Delicious? It is an internet application with bookmarklets that operate in Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome and also Opera. You can make any kind of book mark "exclusive" to make sure that it is not readily available openly. In addition, your bookmarks are taggable, so you are not restricted to a purely ordered folder framework.

2019-05-21 06:50:58