Check plan variation making use of apt - get/aptitude?

Prior to I install a plan I would certainly such as to recognize what variation I would certainly get. Just how do I examine the variation prior to mounting making use of apt-get or aptitude on debian or ubuntu?

2019-05-18 22:33:55
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apt - get

You can run a simulation to see what would certainly take place if you upgrade/install a plan:

apt-get -s install <package>

To see all feasible upgrades, run a upgrade in verbose setting and also (to be secure) with simulation, press n to terminate:

apt-get -V -s upgrade

apt - cache

The alternative policy can show the mounted and also the remote variation (install prospect) of a plan.

apt-cache policy <package>

apt - show - variations

If mounted, reveals variation details concerning several plans:

apt-show-versions <package>

Passing the -u button with or without a plan name will just show upgradeable plans.


The console GUI of aptitude can present upgradeable plans with new variations. Open the food selection 'Upgradable Packages'. Pushing v on a plan will certainly show extra thorough variation details.

Or on the command - line:

aptitude versions <package>

Passing -V will certainly show thorough details concerning variations, once more to be secure with the simulation button:

aptitude -V -s install <package>

Substituting install <package> with upgrade will certainly show the variations from all upgradeable plans.

2019-05-21 07:44:24