Do I require pata_atiixp or ata_generic kernel modules on a SATA just system?

I do not have any kind of IDE drives and also my only SATA disk drive is running in AHCI setting, yet my initrd photo lots the pata_atiixp component. Is it secure to disable this component? And also what concerning the ata_generic one?

2019-05-18 22:35:08
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To address the first inquiry: Yes

But anyhow, it needs to be very easy to create a backup access in your boot supervisor (with the initial initrd and also functioning bit), in instance something fails.

To address the 2nd one - you can make use of

$ lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by

On your running systems to see, if ata_generic is filled and also if it is, which components depend on it (consider the made use of by column.

2019-05-21 07:38:15