ps command not offering result in residence directory site

I am logging right into a solaris web server, switching over to slam, after that switching over to an additional customer "sruser" and also switching over to slam.

/home/batch/sruser/ is the residence directory site of the customer "sruser".

The concern is ps is not offering any kind of result when run in the residence directory site -

# pwd
# ps
# cd dir1
# ps 
 17867 pts/1789 0:00 bash
 17165 pts/1789 0:00 ksh
 20435 pts/1789 0:00 ps

Don't recognize what can be the concern. Do not also recognize where to start seeking whatever can be the concern.

2019-05-18 22:36:07
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$PATH has . (cwd) and also there is a documents ps with executable approvals in the residence directory site.

# ls -lrt *ps*
-rwxrw-r--   1 sruser  batch          0 Jun 2 2010 ps
# type ps
ps is hashed (./ps)
# which ps

Hence the command was not offering any kind of result.

2019-05-21 15:39:21