Why does the Centos apache httpd - 2.2.3 rpm remove the packed apr, apr - util, pcre?

I am by hand constructing httpd - 2.2.17 from the resource. Simply to see to it I have the arrangement alternatives right, I examined the most up to date CENTOS apache srpm (which is for httpd - 2.2.3). In the httpd.spec I locate this line:

# forcibly prevent use of bundled apr, apr-util, pcre
rm -rf srclib/{apr,apr-util,pcre}

I was asking yourself why this is called for? What is incorrect with making use of the apr consisted of within the default httpd resource?

2019-05-18 22:39:32
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They are packaged with each other for ease to the customer. In a distro - maintened system, there are several various other software program that makes use of apr, apr - util and also pcre, and also it makes good sense to install them independently. Mounting them independently conserves memory (due to the fact that you have just one duplicate of the collection features and also information in memory) and also is less complicated to update (particularly for security updates), given that you do not need to redownload and also re-install all software program that installed those collections.

2019-05-21 09:20:11

That exists due to the fact that the apache RPM specification documents has a "BuildRequire" for apr - devel, apr - util - devel and also pcre - devel plans, and also the packager desired the construct to make use of the packaged variation as opposed to what is packed in the apache tarball.

Wherefore it deserves, below is the adjustment that was made to add that line, probably that'll aid address your inquiry: link text

That is an edit from 6 years earlier, so it is not the same to an existing plan, yet you can see in other places in the spot just how making use of the apr - config from the packaged variation of apr - devel is included.

2019-05-21 09:19:07