How can I transform the language in chromium?

I've mounted chromium, yet it deeply draws that it utilizes my native tongue (german) in its UI and also for internet sites by default.

I desire the english back, like firefox did. I'm making use of archlinux is default plans. I checked into the setups dialogs, yet I located absolutely nothing valuable.

2019-05-18 22:40:43
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I make use of variation 6.0.472.63 and also I located Change typeface and also language setups under Customize and also control Chromium - - > Options - - > Under the hood .

2019-05-21 09:00:58

There is a choice to set the language choice for website: in the "Preferences" dialog (which may be called differently in your version), in the "Under the Hood" tab, click "Change typeface and also language setups".

This does not offer you complete control (you can just select languages that Chrome finds out about, and also there will not be a * at the end to make the web server draw on whatever it has readily available if it does not take place to recognize your language). In the Preferences documents in your account (i.e. commonly ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Preferences), you can tune the establishing extra carefully:

"intl": "accept_languages": "en_US, en_GB, en, de_DE, de, *", ,

(The syntax is JSON. Modify the existing "intl" area.)

The language of the interface is established by the LC_MESSAGES setting variable, which is the typical setup under unix. At the very least, this holds true for Google Chrome 9.0.597.45 under Debian (from Google's apt repository) ; Chromium under Ubuntu lucid appears established to talk with me in English.

2019-05-21 09:00:29