How to make Windows 7 USB flash install media from Linux?

I have:

  • ISO image of Windows 7 install media
  • 4 GB USB flash drive
  • no DVD drive
  • Linux mounted
2019-05-18 22:41:20
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You can complete this with dd, if your COMPUTER sustains UEFI, and also, by expansion, GPT disks.

Open a terminal, your mosting likely to require to locate what tool is your pendrive. If you have the drive placed you can locate the name of the tool by keying "place" and also considering it is access. Something like the following:

/dev/sdb1 on /media/USBDISK type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,uid=1000,utf8,shortname=mixed)

In this instance the first partion of/ dev/sdb is placed at/ media/USBDISK. Open an origin covering and also unmount the drive.

umount /dev/sdb1

Go to the directory site where your ISO is saved in an origin covering and also key in the following: (Replace windows7.iso with whatever the iso is called, and also/ dev/sdb with the tool id of your usb stick).

dd if=windows7.iso of=/dev/sdb

If your motherboard sustains starting off of a pendrive it needs to have the ability to boot off it. This will certainly get the installer on the pendrive not the OS itself.

2019-05-20 22:40:38