Reading EDID from EEPROM

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The EDID is usually saved in the display in a memory tool called a serial PROM (programmable read - just memory) or EEPROM (electrically erasable PROM) and also comes using the IC bus at address 0x50. [1 ] The EDID PROM can usually read by the host COMPUTER also if the display screen itself is switched off.

Just how can I read that details?

2019-05-18 22:42:31
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  1. i2cdetect - l: To get the existing i2c adapter
  2. resemble Y | i2cdump $i 0x50: Where i is the tool id of each/ dev/i2c - *
  3. The over command will certainly publish the Raw - EDID for the offered I2C - Adapter.
  4. Currently personalized C (or any kind of) shows language can be made use of to parse the details to offer the cool summary of the underlying tool.

[ Though I made use of the i2c - devices, still It will certainly be much much better to make use of the reduced - degree setting up shows to read the EEPROM values. ]

2019-05-21 16:46:06

A couple of days earlier, I was additionally asking yourself. I located Xorg execution, yet I really did not consider the information. Additionally, evidently, the bit component i2c - dev can be made use of to read EDID.

2019-05-21 07:20:27

You might intend to attempt

2019-05-21 07:19:00