Diacritics do not operate in GTK+applications working on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I am making use of some GTK+applications in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. My MacBook is set up for making use of the Brazilian format, which permits it to enter diacritics as dead keys (so I can write á keying' and afterwards a, as an example). Nonetheless, it does not operate in some GTK+applications - in this instance, Gedit and also GnuCash. In various other ones, such as Inkscape and also Dia, I can enter diacritics as dead keys. It stands to keep in mind that Dia and also Inkscape goes through X11 yet Gedit and also GnuCash (at the very least my variations) do not.

Does any person have such trouble? Has a person addressed it? Just how could I set up the keyboard format for GTK npls? Do I do it in some ~/. gconf * or ~/. gnome documents?

Many thanks beforehand?

2019-05-18 22:43:04
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