Temp documents are being developed in origin directory site in Vista

I have a customer that has several of his temperature documents being developed in the origin directory site of the C: drive on his Vista note pad.

System Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > User Variables for USER NAME > TEMP (and also TMP) both show "% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Local \ Temp"

Under System Variables, they both indicate "c: \ windows \ temperature"

If I most likely to a cmd punctual and also type "resemble %USERPROFILE%" I get "c: \ Users \ USER NAME". Keying in "resemble %TEMP%" offers "c: \ Users \ USERNA ~ 1 \ AppData \ Local \ Temp" as does "resemble %TMP%".

I do not see any kind of troubles in various other setting variables.

Clearly, this customer in some way set his origin directory site to be writeable.

Any kind of description why these documents are going there and also what to do concerning it?

2019-05-18 22:43:54
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Just so I'm recognizing this, %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp increases right into C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Temp ... which on my Windows 7 Beta install seems a legitimate directory site, along with C:\windows\temp standing too.

Could it be that the wrongdoer is trying to write to C:\windows\temp, which (generally) calls for management accessibility? (As I stated in the discourse) some programs will certainly try to unload their documents in the origin of the C: drive if they can not get to the temperature directory site.

2019-05-23 00:54:07