Where is the setup that establishes Experimental repo to lower top priority?

Intend that I have actually made it possible for Experimental in my" / etc/apt/sources. checklist ". When I require to install anything from it, I need to clearly define on the command:

apt-get install wajig
# vs
apt-get --target-release experimental install wajig

Where is such a setup saved? I anticipated that it would certainly be some type of pinning, yet I can not locate anything recommending such in" / etc/apt/ ". Additionally, is it feasible to stay clear of the actions?

2019-05-18 22:44:53
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The pinning of experimental and also backport remains in the repository itself (in the Release documents). You can transform the pinning as you desire, yet you need to clearly do it.

Search in experimental Release file for the line NotAutomatic: yes. It originates from there.

You can see real pinning values with apt-cache policy wajig.

2019-05-21 06:51:36