Linux Distro for usage as Wireless Infrastructure Basestation

I am seeking some input on just how to get a linux distro rolling that will certainly appropriate for usage as a cordless basestation.

Currently, there are the router firmware tasks OpenWRT and also DDWRT which are both Linux - based and also supply the capability I require, to a level. The concern is that I desire to place this on an x86 equipment and also utilize it, not just as a basestation yet, additionally for various other, extra basic objectives. Currently OpenWRT and also DDWRT have the router capability, yet due to the fact that they are suggested for minimal equipment they are removed of much various other capability.

So I would certainly be seeking a remedy that would certainly permit my equipment to run as a cordless framework basestation while additionally doing the following:

  • Bringing in video from an exterior framegrabber.
  • Inscribing this video with x264.

I am seeking any kind of input on what you could assume is one of the most ideal means to deal with something similar to this.

2019-05-18 22:45:47
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Try out this Live CD Linux Router distro.

I would certainly additionally recommend considering among the firewall program distros such as Sentry, Monowall etc

Oops that needs to be Smoothwall. A few other are IPCop and also Devil Linux.

2019-05-21 06:59:56

Since you are running this on effective equipment, I would certainly advise you simply install the distro you are currently most accustomed to and also take it from there.

Establishing any kind of arbitrary distro as a router isn't hard, simply install iptables and also run

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

Assuming eth0 is the tool attached to your router/ the internet.

Additionally, as stated by Zeb, you could intend to place the AP someplace which will certainly supply far better insurance coverage than behind a computer system under a workdesk. Anyways if you have actually any kind of various other wired tools you are mosting likely to require a 2nd NIC in the web server.

2019-05-19 18:24:08

With the enhancement of your last 2 needs, I would certainly recommend making use of CentOS and also set up every little thing per your needs. Those 2 needs would certainly call for adequate alteration to any kind of router/appliance distro to make you freak out. So yeah, install CentOS, after that you can make use of smoothwall or comparable plan to streamline your transmitting arrangement You can make use of cordless as one of your user interfaces.

Though, might I make a pointer (that is the factor right?) miss including the cordless card to the web server. Toss an additional NIC in the web server, install and also arrangement CentOS w/ smoothwall. After that attach an economical cordless AP (non router) to the added NIC. You'll get a whole lot far better result in this manner. Relocate the AP to an extra sensible place for an AP, behind a computer system isn't generally an excellent area for an antenna and also you'll improve efficiency relocating the AP vs simply included a much longer antenna wire.

Your computer system will certainly still take care of all the transmitting, firewall programs, DHCP, etc you simply set up your AP is cordless name and also network and also you are excellent to go.

2019-05-19 17:03:13