Fine - grained control of O&O Defrag?

I am making use of O&O Defrag to defragment the files on my computer system (Windows, NTFS documents system).

Is it feasible to define that certain folders (and also the files/folders within them) be positioned at first of a. drive? This was feasible with the really first variation of the. Norton defragmentation program (back in the DOS days - several,. years ago).

Positioning folders/files at first of the hard drive that are recognized to be accessed usually probably substantially boosts look for times and also hence the performance of the computer system.


Place both folders "C: \ WINDOWS \ system32" and also "C: \ information \ myConstantlyUsedReadOnlyDatabaseFiles" at first of the disk.

I realize that O&O Defrag can arrange after. access/modification time (" COMPLETE/Access" and also. " COMPLETE/Modified"), yet this carries out in no other way supply the. degree of control that is required.

If this is not feasible in O&O Defrag: do you recognize of. an additional defragmentation program that supplies this degree of. control?

2019-05-18 22:47:44
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Check out JkDefrag for a lot of alternatives and also great defrag.
Its additionally free , open - resource and also can be unzipped for prompt usage.

The main page has all the options described.
You can pick the last variation 3.36 or the fresh launched scriptable 4.0 , currently called MyDefrag .

These are controls of the 3.36 for reference.
You need to straight make use of" -a 9 " to type by last accessibility - time.

-a N Select an action to perform.  
        The number N is a value from 1 to 11, default is 3:
 1 = Analyze only, do not fixup and do not optimize.
 2 = Analyze and fixup, do not optimize.
 3 = Analyze, fixup, and fast optimization (default).
 5 = Analyze and force together.
 6 = Analyze and move to end of disk.
 7 = Analyze and sort files by name (folder + filename).
 8 = Analyze and sort files by size (smallest first).
 9 = Analyze and sort files by last access (newest first).
10 = Analyze and sort files by last change (oldest first).
11 = Analyze and sort files by creation time (oldest first).

There is additionally a JkFragmenter device, if you intend to mess around - - (ZIP documents link)

A tiny commandline device to piece existing documents, to create new fragmented documents with arbitrary information, or to detail fragmentation details concerning documents.

Probably made use of for examining the defrag device.

2019-05-21 11:53:37

O&O Defrag does sustain the Layout.ini documents, which is generally created by Windows.

In the past I had actually made a C# application that would certainly create my very own layout.ini submit with the documents that I desired positioned first on the disk and also in the order I desired them. If you overwrite it, see to it that you make use of Unicode encoding (UTF - 16, not UTF - 8).

In XP, the layout.ini lies at %WINDIR%\Prefetch\layout.ini.

2019-05-21 11:23:50