Can I recognize my RAM without closing down linux?

I would certainly such as to value some new RAM for our in - residence VMware screening web server. (It is a customer box we make use of for examining our software program on and also running organisation VMs). I've neglected what sort of RAM it has and also I would certainly instead not reboot the equipment and also fire up memtest86+simply to get the specifications of the RAM. Exists any kind of means I can recognize what sort of RAM to acquire without closing down linux and also kicking every person off? E.G. is the details someplace in /proc?

2019-05-18 22:48:11
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You can attempt running (as origin) dmidecode -t memory. I think that is what lshw usages (as defined in the various other Answer), yet it gives details in an additional kind, and also lshw isn't readily available on every linux distro. Additionally, in my instance, dmidecode generates the Asset number, valuable for linking into Dell is assistance internet site.

2019-05-21 07:54:03

Here is what lshw -c memory (as root) offers me:

       description: BIOS
       vendor: Acer
       physical id: 0
       version: V1.41 (01/07/08)
       size: 113KiB
       capacity: 960KiB
       capabilities: isa pci pcmcia pnp upgrade shadowing escd cdboot acpi usb agp biosbootspecification
       description: L1 cache
       physical id: 5
       slot: L1 Cache
       size: 64KiB
       capacity: 64KiB
       capabilities: asynchronous internal write-back
       description: L2 cache
       physical id: 6
       slot: L2 Cache
       size: 4MiB
       capacity: 4MiB
       capabilities: burst internal write-back
       description: System Memory
       physical id: 16
       slot: System board or motherboard
       size: 4GiB
          description: SODIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 ns)
          product: SODIMM000
          vendor: Mfg 0
          physical id: 0
          serial: 1234-B0
          slot: M1
          size: 2GiB
          width: 64 bits
          clock: 667MHz (1.5ns)
          description: SODIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 ns)
          product: SODIMM001
          vendor: Mfg 1
          physical id: 1
          serial: 1234-B1
          slot: M2
          size: 2GiB
          width: 64 bits
          clock: 667MHz (1.5ns)

What you are seeking is" System Memory ".

2019-05-21 06:53:59