How to incorporate DirecTV HD - DVR right into a residence network

Some history details on my existing residence arrangement:

Living Room

  • 50" Plasma screen
  • X - Box 360
  • Playstation 3
  • DirecTV HD - DVR

Computer Equipment

  • One extra Dell XPS (Pentium P4 3ghz, 2gb RAM)
  • One self - constructed desktop computer COMPUTER (Core 2 Quad 2.94 ghz, 4gb RAM, 2x500gb disk drives) - This computer system additionally has an ATI TELEVISION Wonder receiver which I made use of when I had wire
  • One tiny desktop computer computer (Pentium P4 2ghz, 512mb RAM) that lies in living area and also is presently outputting video to the plasma screen
  • 2x Toshiba laptop computers (AMD Dual cores, 2 and also 3gb RAM)
  • 4 Western Digital External Hard Drives (2x 500, 2x 320) presently affixed to the Quad core computer)

What I am seeking is the most effective means (if any kind of) of incorporating my DirecTV DVR right into my residence network. I assume one of the most noticeable usage would certainly be to in some way backup my videotaped video (and also perhaps liberate the room on the DVR for even more web content).

I am open to almost all pointers (ideally lawful ones). I presume you can currently go wild with the various other tools too (I currently utilize my XBox for a great deal of video streaming), so enjoy and also be imaginative with it.

I am not mosting likely to make it CW due to the fact that this (I think) is an actual inquiry with some actual opportunities for my residence arrangement. I have actually constantly assumed the DVR was rather weird resting outdoors my network like it was and also I would love to include it in my little digital family members below.

2019-05-18 22:49:32
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I've never ever utilized them yet some time back I was considering Sling boxes. I'm not exactly sure if this will entirely fit what you are seeking yet I assume it is an action in the appropriate instructions.

2019-05-21 07:16:00