Password supervisor remedy: Symbian based phone and also a Linux equipment (Windows is trivial, yet would certainly behave)

I presently make use of KeePassX to handle my passwords on my Linux (Xubuntu) equipment. It behaves to have all the passwords secured, yet occasionally I would certainly such as to have the ability to inform a password when I'm on the run.

Consequently I'm seeking a remedy which I can integrate with my phone. I have a Nokia N82 which is a Symbian OS v9.2 based phone for the S60 3rd Edition system with Feature Pack 1.

I such as an open resource remedy if it is feasible. In instance it isn't I would not mind spending for an excellent remedy. If Windows might be included in the synchronization mix it behaves, yet it is not a key need (I do not also have any kind of computer system running Windows).

2019-05-18 22:50:14
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The application SymSync ( to sync the information and also your recommended password management application of selection might suffice.

2019-12-02 00:15:10

Well there are several ports of Keepass, I'm not extremely accustomed to Symbian, does it sustain J2ME applications? If so there is 2 variations of Keepass (for J2ME), so all you'll require to do is synchronise your database.kdb documents:

Keepass did start as a Windows application, and also is readily available for a variety of various other systems. For web links to all the numerous ports of Keepass see the Keepass Homepage

2019-05-21 07:17:46