2008 version iMac does not remain asleep

At evening, when I'm ended up utilizing my computer system, I placed it to sleep. A lot of the moment, it will certainly remain asleep.

Occasionally, the equipment will certainly hum two times promptly, and afterwards wake back up. No quantity of placing things to sleep (either by the switch or by the food selection command) will certainly do it.

I'm running 24" iMac, 2.4 GHZ C2D, 4GB DDR2, Radeon 2600HD, and also Leopard 10.5.7.

Some details:

  1. Wake on lan is not made it possible for.
  2. Wake on bluetooth is not made it possible for, and also bluetooth is switched off.
  3. Time machine is not running when I sleep the equipment.
  4. The equipment will certainly wake also if absolutely nothing is connected in.
  5. There are no applications desiring my focus.
  6. I have actually not set up any kind of occasions to happen close to twelve o'clock at night that would certainly stop me from closing down.

Can any person recommend why my mac will not remain asleep occasionally? Or an area to start looking?

2019-05-18 22:50:59
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Answers: 2

Start the application Console (also known as Console Viewer), situated at


Look via the system log till you get to the point where you Mac awakened and also see if it details the factor for awakening.

2019-05-31 21:03:11

I would certainly start by considering any kind of tools you have actually pluged in the equipment. Points like usb centers, scanners, usb missle launchers, printers, exterior disk drives, 3rd event computer mouse and also key-board, etc I have actually had points act unusually with display usb centers and also numerous combinations of usb tools. Attempt copulating no added things linked and also play attempt and also remove.

2019-05-21 07:08:11