How to move information from a Firebird data source to PostGreSQL on Linux

Are there any kind of excellent devices to move existing firebird data sources to PostgreSQL for Linux systems?

I've considered: FBexport which can be made use of to unload the information as insert declarations, yet it is mostly contacted export/import from one firebird db to an additional, not as a migration device.

There is additionally: Firebird to PostgreSQL Win32 tool, yet it is just for win32 systems.

Exists any kind of excellent device to do this? Or should I simply roll my very own?

2019-05-18 22:52:14
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From the reponses I obtained below, I recognize there are no details migration device for Firebird - > PostgreSQL on Linux.

I presume I'll need to write this myself.

The significant concern below is maximizing the efficiency of such a migration.

I did locate a great resource in chapter 14 of the the postgreSQL documentation, which clarifies what are the most effective means to insert huge quantities of information to postgreSQL, like :

  • Disabling vehicle devotes.
  • Making use of COPY as opposed to a collection of INSERT declarations.
  • Getting rid of indexes (or extra notably, just create them at the end of the information inserts).
  • Numerous memory arrangement adjustings.
2019-12-02 00:49:50

Check this out :

I've never ever utilized it so I can not claim whether it is excellent or otherwise.

2019-12-02 00:46:27

When I required to relocate some difficult information from a MySQL data source to a PostgreSQL data source, I created a perl manuscript that attached to the MySQL data source, picked the information, did whatever conversions were required (like tinyint (1) to boolean and also autoincrement to series, etc) and also put it right into the PostgreSQL data source. For less complex conversions, I did a mysql_dump to a documents of insert declarations as your FBexport will certainly do, after that repaired what required to be taken care of with a sed manuscript. It is not automated and also excellent, yet it was rapid and also adequate.

2019-05-21 07:51:04