How to make startx usage alternative xinitrc?

I do not have a desktop computer supervisor mounted (and also I do not intend to). After visiting via the incurable I make use of startx to start the GUI. I have access in ~/.xinitrc for my GUI sessions. Now I have actually xmonad therein, yet occasionally I intend to run a GNOME session, and also occasionally a KDE session. I made use of to modify ~/.xinitrc for that objective, yet I assume there need to be an extra classy means (something like making use of alternative arrangements). Nonetheless, I can not locate anything in man startx or man xinit.

I intend to have numerous configuration documents (one for each and every GUI session), and afterwards inform startx to load them when I desire. Just how can I do that?

2019-05-18 22:53:09
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According to the xinit that I read, xinit (and also therefore startx) searches in its command line parameters for a customer program to run. If it does not locate one, it runs ~/.xinitrc rather. So you need to have the ability to write

startx path/to/my_alternate_xinitrc

and also it will certainly do what you desire. You will certainly require to give a course, however, and also not simply a filename. In my screening, startx ./my_xinitrc functioned yet startx my_xinitrc did not.

2019-05-21 07:54:49